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Pest Control For Bees

Most people are all too familiar with bees. They are yellow, black and can range in size. They are most known for their sting, which can seriously affect people with allergies. If a colony feels threatened, which can occur with any outdoor activity such as children playing, mowing the lawn, gardening, stings can occur. Fulcrum has years of experience finding and removing beehives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bees

It depends on the method used to kill the bee. Approaches such as natural approved liquids, swatting or EPA-approved chemical solutions to kill bees are allowed. However there are some federally banned pesticides which are illegal.

Signs and symptoms include skin reactions, itching and discolored skin. More severe symptoms include difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat, rapid heart beat, nausea and dizziness.

Bee stings can be dangerous for dogs, especially when they are stung on the dog’s nose and when stung multiple times. Most stings however, can be safely left alone and will only be temporary.

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