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Flea Control

Interesting Flea Facts

While fleas are most likely to affect your pets, they can also latch onto people, potentially exposing you diseases such as typus and tularemia. They are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of their host and are hard to spot. Proactive approaches can be extremely effective in preventing fleas, however If you think you or your pet might already be affected by fleas, contact us and we can help you safely and quickly resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleas

Fleas most often come from a pet cat or dog. Fleas do not have wings but are capable of jumping long distances, so they often attach themselves to your pet while they are outside and then infest it’s fur while they sleep indoors.

Fleas are dark, reddish brown insects that can grow up to as big as a sesame seed. Their body is covered with hard protective scales. These bodies are usually shiny and covered with microscopic hair that helps them attach to their host.

There are a couple of common signs that indicate flea activity. A few are as follows:

• Pets Scratching – If you notice your pet is scratching and grooming themselves more than usually, this may be a sign of fleas. This is because of the discomfort of the fleas feeding on the pet’s blood.
• Flea Feces – Fleas often leave behind feces that looks like ground black pepper. This can often be found in your pets sleeping area, carpets, and rugs.
• Bites – If you personally are affected by fleas, you may experience itchy bite marks. This can be a difficult way of determining if you have fleas or not, since there are an array of different sources of skin irritation besides fleas.
• Locate adult fleas – adult fleas are usually large enough to spot on your pet

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