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Brown Rat

Interesting Rodent Facts

Common rodents include rats, mice, porcupines and squirrels. When these creatures are found in your home, not only can it be a frightening and uncomfortable experience, but these pests can contaminate food, damage your property and even spread disease in some cases. These diseases include Lyme Disease, Salmonella, leptospirosis, hantavirus and rat-bite fever. They are also rapid reproducers, meaning a small rodent problem can easily become an infestation before you know it. Rats for instance can have between 30-85 pups per year. If you and your family are dealing with a rodent problem, contact one of our expert technicians today and we can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

One way to prevent rodents is to eliminate any possible food sources that rodents may be able to access. Dry goods, such as cereals, should be kept in a sealed metal or glass containers, and fruits and vegetables should be stored properly. Cardboard should be avoided, as it tends to be attractive to rodents.

Rodents are extremely adaptable and can live in almost any habitat with food and water. They can live in underground burrows, trees, and in vegetation. One of the reasons why they like entering homes is because they are mammals, meaning they will seek warmth when temperatures drop.

Rodents can pose a risk to both people and pets. They can transmit diseases and in some cases bite animals or humans.

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