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House Spider

Interesting Spider Facts

Spiders can cause extreme fear and anxiety when found in your home. While every home is different, we can provide effective ongoing solutions to help you keep these pests out of your home as consistently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders

While all spiders can bite, most do not unless they feel threatened.

While most spiders can cause little to no real danger, most spider bites on an adult are painful, resulting in swelling around the bite. Some spider bites can be fatal depending on the species. On small children or pets spider bites can be more serious.

Many spiders move indoors while searching for food, warmth, moisture or a mate. Small cracks under doors, windows and other openings provide possible entryways.

Spiders can be beneficial, because they feed on insects and any other prey they can catch.

Spiders will most often use the colder months to retreat to enclosed area to lay eggs; they are more active in the summer months.

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